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  • August 23, 2019

Become a breeder!

You can create your own autoflowering strain – easily!


One of the simplest and quickest ways to create your own autoflowering strain, is by crossing your favorite female plant from a non-autoflowering strain or landrace, with a male from a pure autoflowering strain such as Lowryder.

It’s very important to make sure your autoflowering male is producing pollen at the same time as your female is flowering (or just store male pollen to use when your female is ready). Always choose the most vigorous male with the most flowers. Pollinate your female with the Lowryder male pollen (mind: it takes approximately 4 weeks for your seeds to mature properly).


Once your first generation of seeds are ready and properly dried, plant as many as you can.

Note! First generation of seeds is called F1 (hybrid) , it’s not yet autoflowering, as this is a recessive trait.

They behave like regular plants, and are quite similar to each other, displaying what we call “hybrid vigor”, being more similar to the mother strain than to Lowryder.

When flowering, select the best male from F1 batch and remove all the rest. Pollinate your best F1 girl(s) to obtain F2 seeds.


Again, plant as many of these seeds as you can. This F2 generation of seeds will give you an average of 25% (or 1 out of every 4) autoflowering plants. Keep only these autoflowering plants, that begin to flower without any reduction of light (indoors, keep your lights on for 18 hours/day from now on – autos do not need 12 hours to flower). Keep the best autoflowering male and use it to pollinate its female counterparts.

If the last step is a success, you should now have 95% to 100% autoflowering F3 seeds. Although you could stop here, It is always desirable to grow out a large number of F3 plants and select the best ones, to create a fully autoflowering strain  (F4 = P1, your own strain) with all your desired characteristics (taste, smell, strength, abundance of resin, plant structure, flowering time, etc), to improve and stabilize your own autoflowering strain!


Of course, if you do not do your selections properly, the opposite can happen. To avoid this, always select only female or mother plants with desired traits.

When selecting a male, choose the father on the basis of its plant structure, the smell of its trunk, and abundance of flowers.

Trust your grower’s intuition!

Good luck !  Joint Doctor