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Diesel Fast F1 BX Regular

Diesel Fast F1 BX Regular

  • 5 seeds
  • 10 seeds


Diesel Fast F1 Regular – a fresh release that enlarged our exclusive «Be a Breeder» collection. This strain was bred from the desire to share top-notch genetics that will be the root cause of your own seeds. As a first parent, we chose a famous American genetic – Sour Diesel – one of the strongest Sativa. Crossing it with Diesel Ryder from our personal collection lets us bring Diesel inheritance to another level. 

Be a Breeder” offers a collection of regular strains that were specially selected for their highly stable leading characteristics. All strains are bred for high yields, and best results, and can be used for breeding as well. You can create your own autoflowers with our regular Diesel Fast F1 seeds and personal support.


Diesel Fast F1 Regular is a photoperiod regular strain with Sativa predominance. Most plants have a typical Sativa structure – massive bushy plants around a meter with big dark green leaves and popcorn-dense buds. The height depends on the conditions but we recommend not to overextend veg time and switch to flowering in 3 weeks after germination. Keep in mind, that these plants tend to stretch during their growth, so make sure you’ve got enough space indoors to let those babies fully flex and unleash their full green glory.

The fast version means earlier maturation, compared to the photoperiod strains. Thanks to it, Diesel Fast F1’s Regular flowering time is around 11 weeks from seed. During this time, the plants develop compact and dense, popcorn-like buds with a distinctive and signature diesel aroma. It may be inconvenient growing indoors due to the intense smell so we recommend using carbon filters. 

Diesel Fast F1 Regular is pretty much a sun worshipper. Even though it matures quickly and is quite resistant, these babies thrive best in a warm, dry climate. Depending on the conditions the harvest is impressive – 450-600 gr/m2 of glittering buds indoors and 100 – 200 g per plant outdoors. 


You’ll never mix up the scent and taste of Diesel with any other strain. The diesel bitterness and sour kick – that’s the strain’s signature flavor. Don’t forget to use carbon filters once you’re growing indoors. Diesel Fast F1 Regular has a classic Sativa effect – cerebral stimulating vibes are in the spotlight. It brings activating and uplifting feelings with the first hit with meditative and calming body relaxation after that. Take the most of the Diesel Fast F1 Regular!


Autoflowering: No
Gender: Regular
Type: Photoperiod | Fast Version
Room: Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse
Genotype: Hybrid (Indica | Sativa | Ruderalis)
Genetics: Sour Diesel x Diesel Ryder
Veg: 2-3 weeks

Productivity: 450-600 g/m2

Height: 100 cm +
Flowering: 72-77 days

Productivity: 100-200 g/plant
Height: 150cm
Flowering: middle/end of October

THC: High
Flavour: Diesel | bitter | sour | citrus
Effect: Uplifting high | cerebral | stimulating | meditative | calming


5 seeds, 10 seeds

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