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DC Cure 1:1

DC Cure 1:1

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DC Cure is Doctor’s Choice’s first auto-flowering medical strain. We have specially bred this strain with the optimal ratio of THC to CBD 1:1, which has all the qualities of medical cannabis. This variety gives a pleasant boom of energy, helps to fight with anxiety and pressure. In a word – what the Doctor ordered!


DC Cure performs well in various conditions. Even a newbie who will grow for the first time can easily handle this baby. The variety requires minimal care, love, and gives a guaranteed yield. DC Cure goes well with any training method; strain will show the best results with the SCRoG technique. During flowering, it forms dense, sticky buds with citrus aroma and notes of spices. The key characteristic of this variety is speed – she can be easily done on average 60-70 days from the seed. The yield is usually about 50 grams per plant, but it fully compensated by the top quality of buds.

Do not forget that you will grow such medical varieties only for yourself or for your loved ones, so it is better to fertilize with organic nutrients. Also, be sure to flush your plants with pure water before harvest, it will help to make your buds truly medical!

DC Cure has a wide range of medical uses. She could provide a good treatment in the most popular cases like appetite enhancement, relaxation, anti-inflammatory, pain relief and chronic diseases. The variety has a quick but smooth effect on the smoker without causing anxiety or paranoia, thanks to the balanced ratio of THC and CBD. The impact occurs both on the body and on the mind, causing relaxation and tranquillity.

The aroma of medical DC Cure is dominated by citrus fruits, with light hints of spices.

THC: 6%

CBD: 6%

THC:CBD ratio: 1:1


Productivity: 50 g/plant
60 – 70 days from seed
Height: 100+ cm


Productivity: 50 g/plant
70 days from seed
Height: 50 – 120 cm


Citrus, spicy, earthy


1 seed, 3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds

  1. BruseBanner

    Very interesting structure , cycle 70 days + Cool effect 1 + 1 .
    I love it .

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