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Chronic Ryder BX autofem

Chronic Ryder BX autofem

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The root idea for the strain name was Father’s Choice to show respect to his father when he was testing his strain on his father’s farm. Finally, the strain got the name Chronic Ryder – the autoflowering version of the famous Chronic by Serious Seeds. Crossing with the Lowryder gave us the opportunity to get a stable and fast flowering hybrid.


The compact and fast flowering variety grows well indoors and outdoors. A small height of 60 cm max allows for growing nice and fragrant bushes for 65 days from germination. Despite its compact size, the plants develop lots of sticky and big buds with a pretty apricot smell. The aroma is hardly noticed at first but it becomes stronger as the harvest approaches.

The short growing period is another strong point of the strain. That’s why this is a good choice for countries with short summers – despite the bad weather you’ll get your guaranteed yield.


Chronic Ryder is all about the taste – fruity and citrus tones complement one another, giving an unforgettable aftertaste. The effect is mild and doesn’t hit you like a hammer – the perfect choice for novice smokers. Thanks to balanced high and stone effects Chronic Ryder is a good daytime smoke that stimulates you for a long time.

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Autoflowering: Yes
Type: Feminized | Autoflowering
Room: Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse
Genotype: Hybrid
Genetics: Chronic x Lowryder
Finish time: 65-70 days from seed

Productivity: 400 g/m2
Height: 30 – 60 cm

Productivity: 30-85 g/plant
Height: 60 – 100 cm

THC: High
Flavour: Citrus | fruity | apricot
Effect: Balanced high and stone | daytime | giggly


1 seed, 3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds

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