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Deepforest Super Auto

Deepforest Super Auto

  • 5 seeds
  • 10 seeds


Just imagine: you’re working your way up the wildwoods like a fun-seeker. In a forest full of magic, surrounded by the mystic spirits and breathtaking nature… you finally reach this secret spot… the witching forest meadow! Loud sounds of Deep Forest band merge with the atmosphere of the dark deep forest – just what the Doctor ordered! Forest, music, wild plants – everything here is so miraculous.


The Super Auto line is the next step in the evolution of auto-flowering cannabis. The auto-feminized version is comparable to other photoperiod varieties in yield and flavour. The only difference is that the Super Auto starts to flower automatically and allowing you to get a high-quality crop a little faster, in 4 months.

The genetics of Deepforest is a cross of the best and reliable strains that have given all the best of their qualities to the strain – Hashplant Indica (fast-flower, yield and aroma), Wild Landrace (strong immunity, abundant growth and flavouring properties) and pure North American Indica. Finally you get a strong, vigour and tasty strain with Indica dominance for growers with all level skills.

The lifetime circle of the plant lasts 4 months on average. It flowers automatically after 1,5 month of active growth, building up extensive weight of the plant and forms fragrant and large buds. The buds are fully drowned in resin during the remaining period, not depending on daylight hours.

Deepforest Super Auto is primarily a variety for wild outdoor cultivation due to it’s unpretentious and strong immunity. This strain is a really heavy eater, be ready to supply her with abundant feeding that will result in 2 m monster plant. Growing indoors be ready to be as patient as possible,  but if you ready to face this challenge we recommend using large spacious pots, 10L or more. Its better to support the plant during the active growth just not to break heavy branches.

Thanks to its parents Deepforest has a rich classic taste and intense hash aroma that will place your mind to the streets of Amsterdam. Indica dominance provides a strong and long-lasting sedative effect on the body, effects both on body and mind – an unforgettable experience! 


Productivity: 450 – 750 g/plant
115 – 135 days from seed
Height: 250+ cm


Extremely high


Hash, earthy


5 seeds, 10 seeds

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