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Chronic Fast F1 BX Regular

Chronic Fast F1 BX Regular

  • 5 seeds
  • 10 seeds


Chronic Fast F1 BX Regular – the first release from our exclusive «Be a Breeder» collection. “Be a Breeder” offers a collection of regular strains that were specially selected for their highly stable leading characteristics. All strains are bred for high yields, and best results, and can be used for breeding as well. You can create your own autoflowers with our regular Chronic Ryder Fast F1 BX seeds and personal support.

A champion hybrid strain came from a back cross of the original Serious Seeds Chronic and our Chronic Ryder strain. Chronic Fast F1 BX Regular inherited the speed, high-quality yield, and smoke from the parents.


Chronic Fast F1 BX Regular – is a photoperiod fast version of the regular strain. That means the earlier maturation, compared to the original strain – Chronic regular by Serious Seeds. Thanks to the influence of the autoflowering trait the plant is ready to finish 1-2 weeks earlier. In optimal conditions, Chronic’s flowering time will take 8-9 weeks. The plant is already showing its sex in 30-45 days after germination.

Our Chronic Fast F1 BX Regular is a pure F1 heterotic hybrid. That means it took the best traits from both parents. Those traits make it the best option for growing outdoors: the plants grow better and faster, have strong resistance to bugs and pests as well as produce heavy crops.

Chronic Fast F1 BX Regular grows indoors in a compact, average-height plant with a few side branches. The plant’s structure is more typically bushy and tends to stretch a lot. Despite its low profile the buds are turned to be dense and rock hard, emitting a sweet aroma. It’s an easy-to-grow and stable variety that doesn’t need any special care. Plant training is welcome, you can get a pretty nice plant structure but it may affect the final yields.

Chronic Fast F1 BX Regular is the best choice for those who are looking for high-quality yields: with proper care, yields can reach 500-800 g/m2 indoors and up to 1000 g per plant outdoors in favorable conditions.

Taste and effect

Thanks to parents, Chronic Fast F1 BX Regular has its recognizable sweet aroma that will appear at the beginning of flowering and become more intense by harvest time. Dried buds have a light citric note with a bright apricot nuance. 

Chronic Fast F1 BX Regular provides a balanced high and stone effect being a hybrid strain. It brings a calming and relaxed atmosphere, tuning you into a meditation wave for hours.

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Autoflowering: No
Gender: Regular
Type: Photoperiod | Fast Version | Backcross
Room: Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse
Genotype: Hybrid (Indica | Sativa | Ruderalis)
Genetics: Chronic (SS) x Chronic Ryder
Veg: 2-4 weeks 

Productivity: 500-600 g/m2
Height: 100 cm
Flowering: 55-63 days

Productivity: 800-1000 g/plant
Height: 150cm
Flowering: end of September / beginning of October

THC: high
Flavour: citrus | sweet | apricot
Effect: balanced high and stone | calming | relaxing


5 seeds, 10 seeds

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