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  • January 01, 2001


Catalana, South East of Spain


Alchimia Grow Shop was born with the idea of offering quality gardening equipment and tools “for those who wanted to grow their own cannabis” , but also with the aim to spread information about the world of cannabis and its users, offering growing assistance with passion and love for this plant.

This dream came true at the “Cànem Club” association, created in 1995 by David and Ramón – among other friends – with the objective of gathering all cannabis growers of the area and share knowledge, genetics and ideas.

Thus, Alchimia Grow Shop was inaugurated on 28 April 2001 in a small store in the heart of Figueres (pretty close to Dalí Museum) full of hope and motivation, the same feelings that one has when germinating a cannabis seed.

Day by day, with lots of efforts and dedication, and with the passion of turning our passion into our job, our clients were imbued by this spirit and became friends, mainly thanks to this wonderful plant.

A year later, on 28 April 2002, the first anniversary of the shop was celebrated with a big party for our relatives, friends and clients, a tradition that took place again 10 years later in 2011 and that sums up perfectly the philosophy of Alchimia: have fun, share and grow happiness.

From Alchimia to the Grow Shop Guild

In 2003 we participated in the creation of the Gremi de Comerciants de Productes per a l’Autocultiu del Cànnabis (currently Gremi de Growshops), a non-profit association that defends the interests of Catalan Grow Shops.

In September of that year the first version of Alchimia’s website was inaugurated, and in December we opened our second shop in Figueres, completely dedicated to cannabis cultivation for own use.

That made the Alchimia family to grow for the first time, welcoming new friends and sharing positive vibes.

Continuing this trend, in September 2006 we moved to a bigger store where we could offer all products and expand our catalogue of marijuana seeds.

This new store, located in Vilamalla (Pont del Príncep Industrial Park), near Figueres, was inaugurated in June 2007. During the years, it has been outgrown until getting its current look.

The Blog, the online growing guide and the clinics

In 2008 our website was completely renewed, and in 2009 the Alchimia Blog came to light as a platform to spread information on cannabis and its cultivation, especially through the Growing Guide.

2010 brought more changes, the website was renewed again with a new and improved “responsive design“, which you can enjoy today.

In 2016 we have updated our Blog with a new and important section, the Therapeutical Cannabis Clinic leaded by Dr. Joan Parés and Dr. Mariano García de Palau.We have started with the Spanish and French version.

This year we also inaugurate our Legal Cannabis Office (for Spain), managed by THC Abogados.

With regard to fairs and trade shows, we have participated in some of the most important events of the Spanish territory, like Spannabis or Expogrow. At international level, in 2009 we went to the High Times Cannabis Cup, in Amsterdam, to know more about how things are done outside Spain. We have also participated in events in LyonLondonPraga and Canada.