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  • November 22, 2019

Why we choose .farm?

Farm is more close to our mission and purposes, cause we strongly believe that our mission is to breed and share high quality genetics with everyone, and spread it all over the world. That’s why we believe that .farm absolutely reflects our positioning and brand Doctor’s Choice itself.

What’s new on website?

  1. Leave strain’s reviews. We really appreciate our people, and every opinion gives us a possibility for growth. To respond more quickly to your feedback, we added the ability to leave reviews right on the site. Go directly to the strain’s card and share your opinion. Go and check it out
  2. Partners. You can purchase official Doctor’s Choice seeds not only on our website but also through our partners. See the list of official partners! If you want to become our partner, send the application to
  3. DC Family – loyalty program. Today, DC Family is more than just a loyalty program. Having united together: shops, social networks, and growers, we can become a big family and a powerful cannabis community, who supports each other and benefit from this communication. We are stronger together! Check out more about DC Family

Stay tuned guys, there’re lots of interesting up ahead!