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Doctor’s Choice #1 – 2nd place in «Best Sativa» AutoFlower World Cup

  • April 05, 2023

Doctor’s Choice #1 has won a 2nd place «Best Sativa» prize at the AutoFlower World Cup!

Doctor’s Choice # 1 auto feminized is the first strain of the Doctor’s Choice assortment. The Father of all autoflowers – Joint Doctor, bred this powerful plant for growers of countries with short and cold summers. Sativa dominant plant is based on several legendary geneticists: Jack Herer x Skunk x Lowryder. Excellent parents gave the Doctor’s choice # 1 hardy and stable character, unpretentious disposition, and XXL yields.

We believe that Doctor’s Choice 1 is a unique and exceptional strain, and we’re thrilled to see it recognized by such a prestigious event AutoFlower World Cup

We are incredibly proud of this achievement and the recognition it brings to our hard work and dedication to cultivating high-quality cannabis strains. We want to extend our sincere thanks to everyone for being a part of our journey

Doctor's Choice #1 - 2nd place in «Best Sativa» AutoFlower World Cup