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Chronic Fast F1 Regular

  • August 09, 2023

Get ready for the much-anticipated release from our exclusive “Be a Breeder” collection! Introducing Chronic Fast F1 Regular – a strain chosen for its high stability and remarkable yields, making it perfect for your own breeding experiments 🚀

🌿A champion hybrid strain came from a back cross of original Serious Seeds Chronic and our Chronic Ryder strain. Chronic Fast F1 Regular inherited the speed, high-quality yield and smoke from the parents.

💡 Being a pure F1 heterotic hybrid, Chronic Fast F1 Regular inherits the best traits from both parents. Thanks to its autoflowering trait influence, this plant finishes a remarkable 1-2 weeks earlier. In optimal conditions, expect a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, with the plant showing its sex just 30-45 days after germination.

🚀 You can create your own autoflowers with our regular Chronic Ryder Fast F1 seeds and personal support.

Find more information about breeding at 🌐

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