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Sour Puffs Feminized 🚀 – Coming Soon

  • September 07, 2023

🚀Happy to introduce Sour Puffs- photoperiod hybrid with a quick flowering time.

🧬This strain have a promising genetic background, with Northern Light, Sour Diesel, and Thailand Sativa as its parent strains. 

🍋Strain stands out with its distinctive terpene profile, characterized by a delightful fusion of sweet, citrus, and subtle diesel undertones.

 🚀Sour Puffs delivers a balanced high and stone effect, plus a hint of psychedelia. Get ready for an exceptional cannabis experience! 

So far our testers now got the unique opportunity to try Sour Puffs firstly. We‘ll keep you with updates 😉 Sour Puffs will be available for purchase in mid-autumn 2023.